Elgin Bikes 2 Blossoms

Elgin Grabouw Country Club
1 Oct 2022
A one day XCM event that sets the pace for the W2W stage race in November. Ride the Elgin and Grabouw forestry trails including Oak Valley and Paul Cluver mountain bike trails. Terrain involves Elgin forest trails, flowing single track sections and rocky sections in places, typical of the Elgin/Grabouw region.

DATE: 1 October 2022

VENUE: Elgin Grabouw Country Club


Long Route: 83km. Elevation: 2582m

Medium Route: 51km, Elevation: 1579m

Short Route: 27km, Elevation 732m


83km: R750

51km: R650

27km: R450


83km:  7am

51km: 7:15

27km: 7:30


Friday 30 September: 3-7pm at Trail’s End Bike Hotel

Saturday 1 October : From 6am

SHORT: 20km 495m of Elevation.

LONG: 82km 2 5892m of Elevation

MEDIUM: 50km 1579m of Elevation


  •   CSA license required for riders. Day license can be purchased online for event.
  •  The routes will be marked.
  •   Marshalls must be obeyed at all times.
  •   Participants may only receive help from fellow participants or from a service provider at a water point tech zone.
  •  Any kind of assistance from any other source will lead to disqualification.
  •   No littering is allowed on the route or at the venue.
  •  Please dispose of litter at the water points or in designated rubbish bins.
  •  No smoking or lighting of fires is allowed on the course.
  •  Offenders will be disqualified and may face a lifetime ban from future events.
  •  The same goes for vandalism of any kind to property, plants and animals.
  •  The marked course must be followed by all participants.
  •  Taking short cuts will lead to disqualification.
  •  Team members in the MTB Stage Race must stay within 2 minutes of each other. Failure to do so at any point in the race will lead to a 45 minute Separation Time Penalty (STP).


The  following support services will be provided:

  • Emergency Medical services.
  • 2x water points on each stage, with water, energy drink and snacks.
  • Lead motorbike on each day.
  • Sweeper vehicle on each day
  • All participants will be timed.